The Treatment

The Treatment

Your initial treatment of Clinical Massage Therapy will last around 70 minutes and includes a full assessment of your health, lifestyle, range of movement and pain condition. We will also discuss your desired outcome and expectations of the treatments. Aftercare advice will also be discussed within the session. This may include stretches, exercise, and relaxation techniques, which will enable you to become fully involved and in control of your wellbeing and recovery.

Follow up sessions will generally last 60 minutes but if you would like a longer appointment this can be discussed.

We aim to see a reduction in pain and/or an increase in range of movement within 1-6 sessions (condition dependant). Depending on the severity of your condition sessions may be twice weekly/weekly/fortnightly/monthly – as your pain free time between sessions increases, the frequency of your session will decrease.

For long term conditions such as Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome etc, a long term plan of treatments, either fortnightly or monthly will be beneficial.

1 hour Treatment/Initial Consultation – £55

90 minutes Treatment/Initial Consultation  – £75